News: FUL Embraces Artistic Freedom With Debut English Release ‘Love & Affection’

Cameroonian-born pop and R&B artist FUL is making waves in the music industry with his latest release, ‘Love & Affection’. After captivating audiences as the first runner-up on the French African franchise of The Voice in 2017, FUL has embarked on a journey towards creative independence and self-expression.

Over the past five years, FUL has explored his musicality by releasing songs through his Voice coaches’ label. However, the time has come for him to break free and embrace his artistic vision fully. FUL believes that artistic freedom is an invaluable asset for any musician, and he is determined to be the artist he has always aspired to be, creating music that resonates deeply with his own experiences. His lyrics touch upon themes of love, heartbreak, depression, and delve into darker territories, all while fusing elements of pop, R&B, and Afro-Alte genres and seamlessly blending both English and French languages in his performances.

‘Love & Affection’ marks FUL’s pivotal first step in establishing himself as the artist he envisions. The song holds profound significance for him as he embarks on a new musical direction. “This song is a reflection of finding myself and reconnecting with the passion that drove me to make all the sacrifices I’ve made in my life to pursue music in the way I truly desire,” FUL shares, highlighting the personal nature of his musical journey.

After releasing songs predominantly in French, FUL now embraces the opportunity to sing in English, offering a new dimension to his music. By incorporating both languages, FUL aims to represent the type of artist he aspires to be and the diverse range of music he wishes to create. ‘Love & Affection’ serves as a stepping stone towards realizing this artistic vision.

The track showcases a captivating blend of melancholy, feel-good vibes, and dance-worthy rhythms layered over pop and R&B soundscapes. FUL found inspiration for the song during a cab ride, where the wind blowing on his face ignited his creativity. Recording memos on his phone, he later developed a melody and wrote lyrics for the chorus upon returning home. As his first-ever English release, ‘Love & Affection’ posed a unique challenge and took FUL considerable time to perfect.

“‘Love & Affection’ captures that moment when you vow not to fall in love again, yet life surprises you by introducing someone who defies all your expectations and decisions. Despite the past pains, you find yourself committing to love this person because they offer the love and affection you have always longed for,” explains FUL, shedding light on the emotional depth behind the track.

FUL’s pursuit of artistic freedom, coupled with his introspective lyrics and captivating melodies, make ‘Love & Affection’ a noteworthy debut in the English music scene. As he continues to explore his musical identity, FUL undoubtedly promises to deliver more powerful and evocative songs that resonate with listeners across the globe.

Listen below:

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