Modern Rituals release ‘This Is The History’ on heavyweight label Holy Roar later this month.

March 20th sees the bands second album in stores and shipping worldwide. The Bristol via London based noise-rock crew unleash a far more dense low-end on this outing. Coupled with the unsettling incantations of angular melodies and the restless verve they’re known for.

‘This Is History’ is tonal marriage of the gentle and the grimy. Tracks born of tension between phases of shimmering melodies and fractal, unhinged moments. This musical palette allows ‘This Is History’  to flow through movements of violent fusion. Glooping through doomy sludge and jangling along edges of experimental noise rock.

Modern Rituals | 📸 |Holy Roar 2020

Adding these new hazy elements of harmony defines a stark contrast to the ferocious and explosive moments. The gentle precariousness unravels, the underlying relentlessness boils over, highlighting the bands impressive ability to operate wildly, freely breaking from genre confines.

‘Them Days Is Gone’ is a particular favourite of mine. This isn’t solely because the promo video features a starring cameo from my lifelong style icon Beaker. Its a great track, anthemic for the summer ahead. Great rhythm riffs, mini solo flare and a euphoric, nostalgic glow at is heart.

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Check out the promo vid and tour details below

Modern Rituals – Them Days Is Gone (This Is History, 2020 [Holy Roar])

2020 Tour dates:
Album release show with Pascagøula and Strong Arm:

28.03.20 – New River Studios, London UK

Headline album release tour (Being announced March 6th):
13.05.20 – The Green Door Store, Brighton UK
15.05.20 – The Victoria, London UK
16.05.20 – The Eagle, Manchester UK
17.05.20 – The Hatch, Sheffield UK
18.05.20 – JT Soar, Nottingham UK
19.05.20 – Base Camp, Middlesbrough UK
20.05.20 – BLOC, Glasgow UK
21.05.20 – Gorilla Studios, Hull UK
22.05.20 – The Old England, Bristol UK
23.05.20 – The Shooting Star, Southampton UK

Portals festival, as part of Holy Roar’s curated stage:
6/7.06.20 – The Dome, Boston Music Rooms, Aces & Eights, London UK  

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