Track: ALLUSONDRUGS – Magic College/Her Crown

With their co-headline tour with Brawlers now underway, it seems apt that we would venture into their latest release – a 7” vinyl courtesy of Too Pure’s Singles Club. Given the wealth of talent that this club in particular extols, it’s no surprise that Magic College/Her Town doesn’t let this track record down.

The lead track’s fundamental pop hooks owes a nod to the work of Dinosaur Jr – with it’s sweetness laying in the melody of the song with a sour undertone of the vocals just adding that bit of sharpness to stop it veering totally into the realms of power pop. It’s that college radio side of the power-pop movement that is akin to Mascis, Superchunk and Buffalo Tom rather than the overt Matthew Sweet side of that sect.

It’s B-side, “Her Crown”, certainly represents the janglier side of the band however it’s where no doubt the nu-grunge sentiments will probably start to stir amongst some listeners. Which to some might be an apt description and to others (including myself), could be seen as a detriment from the outset. It is a strong song – I find it hard to call it a B-side without grimacing – but it’s “Magic College” I’ve found myself coming back to time and time again.

It no doubt would sit well with those who grew up in the early-to-mid 90’s feasting on the diet of college rock and that’s not a bad thing at all. Far from it; in an age where we sometimes complain about the idea of nostalgia overshadowing newer artists, it’s nice to have a band that seemingly embraces both elements – and given the trend towards us “oldies” and our appetite for vinyl, Allusondrugs have certainly captured that zeitgeist without alienating their existing audience.

Allusondrugs are currently on tour – see them live:
6 – HULL – Fruit
8 – HIGH WYCOMBE – Bucks S.U
9 – PLYMOUTH – The Junction
12 – BIRMINGHAM – Rainbow Courtyard
13 – CHESTER – Live Rooms
14 – SHEFFIELD – Bungalows & Bears

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