Globetrotting English MC Andy Kayes writes what he knows. That’s the stories of his own life, and he does it whether thats on his own, through the episodes of “J’irai rapper chez vous” (home invasion), or the various stage appearances he makes with Bonetrips. 2012’s debut album ‘Alone in Numbers’ showed he was a rapper that couldn’t be ignored, and as he prepares to release the follow up ‘Citizen Kayes’, he’s released a new track – ‘What I Know’.

It lays down this swirling almost Afro-sounding beat for a start, that shimmers and stammers -cut up and decorated with vocal samples as it is. Kayes’ doesn’t hide his Englishness in his flow, and he delivers thoughtful and engaging rhymes. He also knows the value of using the music, not feeling the need to jump in over the beats at all times, which is actually refreshing.

Sounds like thats decided then – don’t ignore Andy Kayes.