New Music: Antibloom – EP

Antibloom is Findlay (the Findustrial Waste listed on the bandcamp page), currently solo but on the search for band members. He describes the EP as a set of “creepy wee songs” informed by growing up in industrial surroundings in Scotland. He started work on these songs in 2012 focusing on influences like Slint and Fugazi (these are the ones that I have heard of), Shellac and Bohren & der club of Gore (those that I haven’t heard of – the latter purveying the terrifying, terrifying sounding doom jazz).

I for one think Findlay’s right: these ARE creepy wee songs, and heavily leaning towards post-rock in style.  He says that “Gutslime” is the song that most sums up the future sound of Antibloom – during the instrumental stages the guitars ooze tension and menace. My personal favourite is “Traxxler” which features dialogue from “The Terminator”. As Findlay puts it “everyone I knew grew up with those films so what better way to profess your love for Cyberpunk Films than to have the Father of the Human Resistance in your songs?”

Listen here:

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