Out of a long tradition of slightly tongue-in-cheek, somewhat naive, cockney-geezer  ditties that I associate with ‘classics’ like Bill Wyman’s “Je Suis Un Rock Star”, Wreckless Eric’s “Whole Wide World” and even Blur’s “Parklife” comes Morrissey’s  current favourite guitarist and co-songwriter Boz Boorman with “Girl from Atlanta”. The major difference is, of course, is that Boorer is a brilliant and very distinct and distinguished guitarist, and this is very much evident in the music.

“Girl From Atlanta” features on vocals Eddie Argos from the band Art Brut who appears as a very charming, self-effacing hipster seeking, understandably, an anglophile from the southern states who might fancy being his girlfriend. The vocals are all very conversationalist, amusing and chatty but built on great guitar riffs.

It’s jolly, charming, cheeky and a bit of a lark. But very catchy to boot.