EP: Christoph Vogel – Blackbird

Christoph Vogel who is already known under his alias Suburb steps up to be the second release on the Empore music label. The Blackbrird EP is a 4 track consisting of two originals by Christoph and a remix of each by Musk and Jeremy Liar. ‘Blackbird’ has a nice old skool Techno feel that builds nicely to a full sound while on the remix we get a deep acid journey from Musk again hitting us with a classic back in the day vibe . On the flip with ‘Vertigo’ Christoph lays down a Techno chugger that rolls and gets heavy while Liar takes the remix in another direction leading us down the Deep House road, a more minimal approach with a cool Kraftwerk edge. A good solid release with no let downs on the remixes, this one will be definitely getting a few rotations . Well worth checking out.

Available Now on Empore Music: Vinyl/Digital

Check out some cuts here:

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