Track: Crystal Castles – Deicide

Its been an eventful year or so for Crystal Castles. Alice Glass went and then ensued a certain amount of back biting and bickering. The upshot of it was that it became a solo project for Ethan Kath, who released Frail back in April and has now returned with Deicide, a homage perhaps to the Metal band of the same name.

He’s drafted in the mysterious Edith as vocalist for the track, and though her vocals lay like downy feathers over the track, more delicate than her predecessors, it measures up as classic Crystal Castles with its hard edged pulsating electronics, added glitches and staccato interruptions, all infected by this sense of the gothic with its dark atmospheric outlook.

Crystal Castles might never be the same, but this different Crystal Castles is no bad thing at all.

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