EP: Giulio Etiope ft Giak & Hester – Riverside

Out this week was the latest release from Italian label Unclear music, and it comes in the shape of Arezzo, Tuscano born producer Guilio Etiope. He’s no newcomer, having been releasing music since 1998 on labels such as Armonia and Azimut as well as Unclear, and also spending his time as a resident at the Klang Klub, the venue that the label grew out of.

The EP opens with Summertime, which bubbles along with this flitting percussion and pulsing bassline, alongside these hypnotic vocal lines. It comes in and out of clarity as it begins to ebb and flow, partl submerged, part covered in echo as it ripples away. Most of all though, its warm and cosy techno-house that deserves attention.

Follow on ‘E15 2RG’ follows on in similar vein, these eerie jazzy chords and slightly obscured vocals as it trips over a jagged bassline and hovering Rhodes figures. Despite its plaintive vocals and the icy synth sound that soars over the initial chords, there’s something deeply warm and pleasing about the track.

Title track Riverside sounds more like a straight up house track, complete with 808 claps and driving percussion. Over the top there’s this hypnotic chords, and these synth lines that sparkle and spray chords and notes all over the backing. The EP concludes with a remix of the track from Delin’s Gerry Read,who gives the track a more muscular and driving reading, with these chords constantly off the beat giving it a slightly unsettling feel.

Never mind Unclear, I’ll be as clear as I can. This is good – very good.


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