Track: Julio Bashmore -Duccy, plus Tour Dates

Some people have to change names, for lots of reasons. I had an English teacher that changed her name from Miss Pratt to, actually I can’t remember,  but she was still known as Miss Pratt to everyone. Making your way in the music and film world is always rather a treacherous path, but one made possibly slightly easier with a swift name change, for those such as Walden Cassotto (Bobby Darin) Wasulu Muhammad Jaco (Lupe Fiasco) even Eleanora Gough (Billie Holiday). Matthew Walker might not be in the same sort of unflattering territory as those named, but it hasn’t the pazzazz (I’ve always wanted to use that word) or mystery of Julio Bashmore. Maybe it was to separate himself from the Bristol (his hometown) bass scene when he was making his way in the world of House music, but it was more likely that he would probably have made it anyway, given the memorable dance music he produces on a regular  basis.

New (out today) track is Duccy, and it seems as if it might be one of those Marmite tracks. It’s very minimal and (check this) cymbal heavy, but it has enough for us to keep us interested with the stabbing keyboard chords, and the off-kilter bass note that keeps you on your toes, almost waiting every bar for it. Seems to us that some choose different names to sound cool, or hip. Whatever Julio Bashmore’s reasoning was, he’s got the tunes to back it up.

In addition, Bashmore (or is it Walker) has revealed details of a number of live dates later on in the year. Details below.

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