Track: Martin Carr – The Santa Fe Skyway

You might recognise the name. Former Boo Radley and BraveCaptain Martin Carr has never really stopped writing brilliant songs, its just that now he’s doing it under his own name. He’s releasing a new single, The Santa Fe Skyway on September 1st, ahead of a new album The Breaks, which follows on September 29th, both via the brilliant Tapete Records label.

Its a record about perennially, and permanently not fitting in. As he put it  “A theme running through my work is not fitting in…….Whether it was at school, work, in a band and even now, a 46-year-old with two small children – I always feel slightly alienated from the process. I think everybody knows what’s going on except me.”

That alienation and feeling of being an outsider clearly hasn’t affected him too much emotionally, as The Santa Fe Skyway is perfect summery pop. Right from the off Carr’s vocal is smooth and persuasive and its juxtaposed with these faux funk stylings on guitar, until it reaches its frankly glorious chorus, sweetened with backing vocals, stabs of brass and this gorgeous melody, that could have come from any time in his career. It sweeps through hints of psychedelia, strings aching over everything to a close.

Lets all step outside with Martin Carr. It’s clearly brilliant and beautiful out there.

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