Track: Motions – Dead Seeds

Teesside’s post metal band Motions have shared their brand new single ‘Dead Seeds’ featuring female vocalist Krsy Fox and Raging Speedhorn frontman Dan Cook. The track is the third single to be lifted off the band’s debut album, ‘Hollow Heart’ due out on 28th April 2023.

The apocalyptic lyrics (ie ‘gazing out at the burning skyline’) symbolise how the parent’s fear causes them to catastrophes their internal monologue, leading to a vicious cycle of paranoia and anxiety.

The band state:

“The track is a mediation on the fear of parenthood, and it’s told from the POV of a paranoid mother and father suffering with intrusive thoughts about their child coming to harm.”

“The track ends with the lyrics ‘Dead Seeds I’ll sew’, a realisation that our anxieties are often our own doing, and we have control of our own fears.”

A track that blends the rough with the smooth crafting an atmospheric environment full of emotion. It’s all wonderfully paced with the steady pounding of the drums and Dave Anderson’s guitar sounding clear yet menacing. Krsy Fox’s vocals on the chorus are soaring and clean clash with Dan Cook’s guttural verses adding to the already emotive power of the track.

Check it out, here

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