New Music: Tangerine – Nothing Better


Back in late August we were helped into autumnal slumber by the gentle swells of “Feel This Way”.  Seattle, Washington’s Tangerine are back in action this month with a new single.  Lead track “Nothing Better” premiered through MTV’s Buzzworthy in late March and there’s plenty to justify that level of endorsement.

That same sense of summery seaside tingles through the new single – whether in the wavery effects employed on the guitar or in lines like “looking out the window of your car/driving for miles”.  But you absolutely have to listen for the corking bass line working away underneath the shimmer – it has got serious, funky legs and the little section between 0:32 and 0:42 is guaranteed to bring a smile to your lips.  Compared to previous output, the band have taken another step up – there’s an additional feeling of polish in the production and craft in the songwriting.  There’s nothing out of place in “Nothing Better”‘s 3:06 running time and its glowing indie-pop will leave you satisfyingly buoyed up.  There’a a video for the track on the way soon, and plans to come over to the UK this year.  What chance an album later in the summer ?


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