Track: TEEN – Tokyo

Ahead of the release of their third album, Love Yes, out on Carpark Records on February 19th, TEEN evoke the spirit of The Human League, drag it into 2016, and sprinkle it with ideas of sexuality and spirituality with a new single, Tokyo. Described lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Teeny Lieberson as being about “ a man who loses interest in his wife and fantasizes about leaving her. His loss in interest is not merely a reflection of his feelings, but rather his unwillingness to grow old and the challenge age puts to his ego. His experience illuminates our societal obsession with youth culture and our ingrained fear of aging and loss of power. We value women only in the virgin ideal, often because they are thought to be conquerable and and a vessel for validating dominance. We would prefer to live in the fantasy of young skin rather than face our growth and relinquish control to our inevitable death.”

Its a rather lovely slice of synth-pop, with layers of synths that rumble in the pit of your stomach at one end and soar over the top of you at the other. It’s also got the kind of melody that stamps its calling card right there on your heart. Go on, try not to like this – I dare you.

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