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Indie-rock trio Fatherson have just completed a mammoth UK tour with synth-pop pals Prides (read our review of the Sheffield show here) but they’re not slowing down yet. They’ve just released a new single called ‘Always’, a sincere offering which burns with life from the very first note. This is the first musical release from the band since their debut album I Am An Island last year and it’s already making the playlists across several radio stations.

‘Always’ is a song which proves that good music can still be honest and meaningful; the bass line sets the tone and its powered by the drums but its Ross Leighton’s lead vocals that really hold the song together. “It’s a game of two halves, mine and yours, with yours in mind” describes a somewhat unbalanced relationship where the focus is on the other person. It comes across as more selfless than self-deprecating, but it’s an interesting dynamic to think about.

The video, directed by Lewis Cater, shows the boys playing the song in monochrome, surrounded by dancers enjoying the music. It’s a video that’s indistinguishable from every other indie band, that is, until the dancers start fighting with each other. We catch glimpses of colour as the fourth wall is broken; an exasperated director stares hopelessly as his vision is ruined; his cast of extras causing chaos over a small misunderstanding. The band continue to play, as if undisturbed by the riot unfolding around them, sticking to what they know best: decent rock music that has passion and heart.

Watch the video to ‘Always’ below:

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This Scottish trio have perfected the art of writing songs that every 20-something can relate to; isolation, self-doubt, and perserverance are all key themes from their debut album that they’re continuing with in their latest singles. It’s their honesty that makes this band so compelling, and it sets the foundation for their upcoming sophomore album. You won’t want to miss that.


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