Say Psych: Album Review: Par Asito – Singularity

Hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, Par Ásito merge space rock and noise exploration. Usually driven as a power trio, although this may vary depending on where the show takes place, Par Ásito’s music is aimed to provoke changes in the micro cosmos of the guts. This week they release their fourth LP Singularity on Dirty Filthy Records.

Based on science-gone-wrong movies and space travel, their presentations are characterised by potency and brutality and they use sounds that evoke the space beyond the event horizon of a black hole, two stars collapsing, or devouring each other. Opening with ‘Accretion Disc’, a slow builder that wouldn’t be out of place on the soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey, their use of dramatic guitars and pacing drums come to a crescendo mid-way through the track and continues to its close. ‘Relativistic Jets’ is Krautrock inspired, with a dominating beat underpinning complex layers of experimental yet intrinsically layered sound. There is also a riff in there that hints that they may be fans of The Jackson 5…

‘Photon Sphere’ is beat driven but this time offers a western psych tinge, inspiring desert imagery and hazy summer nights. It’s a sound associated with many Mexican bands, but not many of them do it as good as this. ‘Event Horizon’ weighs in at over 13 minutes and is an intense experience from start to finish, with so much going on the best way to enjoy is at high volume in darkness. Concluding with title track ‘Singularity’ is a bit more melody driven than its lengthy predecessor and would undoubtedly go down a treat live, with its bass groove creating a natural sway. It transcends to heavier realms as it proceeds, whilst still managing to maintain a strong melodic feel.

If you were to ever consciously look for a soundtrack to space exploration, you wouldn’t go far wrong with Singularity. There are a lot of bands creating this kind of music, few do it as well as Par Ásito.

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