EERIE soundtrack overlord John Carpenter has released a brace of new songs digitally ahead of a dizzying array of vinyl options in late August.

The two songs, “Skeleton” and “Unclean Spirit”, are the first music outside the soundtrack sphere that John has released in four years.

Both tracks were again produced in collaboration with his son, Cody, and his godson, Daniel Davies.

“Skeleton” has all that propulsive synth chatter you could need, with pianos stabbing and a wider synth melody: see the video, below. “Unclean Spirit” has a more haunting, widescreen atmosphere. If you heard either track out in the woods in the fog, you’d know things were about to take a turn for the bloody.

“It was refreshing to be able to write music that didn’t have to fit to any sort of locked image,” detailed John. “We also had a specific focus and direction we wanted to follow when working on Halloween, and being able to return to working without that narrow focus was refreshing.”

And come August 28th, you’ll be able to play your very own 12″ of the two tracks, with an array of limited pressings already available to order here, including 150 as an ‘x-ray’ pressing, through the Sacred Bones Record Society; 500 in a ‘hemoglobin’ edition, exclusive to Bandcamp; 2,000 on blood red, and 500 in a ‘skeleton bones’ Sacred Bones mail-order only. There are more variants!