Track: According to Greta Stanley, ‘It’s Cool To Be In Love’ – a dreamy anthemic blast of rock pop goodness out through Double Drummer.

One of our favourites here at Backseat Mafia, the enormously talented Greta Stanley returns to the scene with a thoroughly energetic new single that seems to herald a new direction. ‘It’s Cool To Be In Love’ dials up the pace and the energy and delivers a sonic punch with an anthemic chorus more dramatic than a Quentin Tarantino movie. And interweaved with the pulse quickening rock are dreamy verse interludes that have a psychedelic hazy edge.

This is Stanley’s first collaboration with producer/co-writer Adib Parker (aka Cheekbone).

The passion and the thrum of the music reflects the heady themes of the song. Stanley says:

It’s Cool To Be In Love’ is about how love can be scary and overwhelming… how it brings a lot of stuff to the surface that you realise you’ve been carrying from childhood, past relationships, your own fears and insecurities and so on. I guess it’s trying to capture the feeling that this is super terrifying but I need to be vulnerable and honest and know my worth in order for this to be real… in order to know for sure whether this is for me. So does the other person, so does everyone… letting go of your ego and wearing your heart on your sleeve because it’s COOL to be in love when you actually find it and damn it takes work!

It’s a thrilling new direction that is euphoric and with a heady pop vitality:

This is a thrilling return for Stanley. ‘It’s Cool To Be In Love’ is out now through the wondrous Double Drummer and you can download and stream here.

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