New Track: The Double Happiness – There’s No Place Like Nundah

Cloaked with the faded robes of nostalgia, a peon to the glories of an old forgotten Brisbane, the new single from the quite frankly glorious The Double Happiness is a crystalline reverb-soaked wash of melancholia. It captures the remembrance of the past over a clickety-clack spine that echoes the trams so missed in the lyrics.

We first met The Double Happiness last year when I reviewed their debut EP “City”. Vintage, old school indie pop from the home and heart of The Go-Betweens. ‘There’s No Place Like Nundah” continues with the unabashed, unrepentant Australianism – capturing the sound and feel of a bright and sunny Queensland afternoon underpinned by the harsh reality of life and progress:

The Double Happiness are the genuine article: writing heartfelt and passionate songs loaded with melody and personality. They have the worn, knowing innocence of Belle and Sebastian, naivety mixed with experience and an absolute lack of pretension. A truly wonderful band. You can get the song at all the usual places here and through that bastion of impeccable taste, Valley Heat Records. By the way, for those unfamiliar with the geography of Queensland, Nundah is a suburb of Brisbane.

The band launches the single on 16 March at the Bearded Lady in Brisbane.

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