NEWS: Baba Ali announce second album Laugh Like a Bomb and release new single ‘Burn Me Out’

The two members of the band Baba Ali
Credit: Garry Jones

The Anglo-American duo Baba Ali have announced their second album Laugh Like a Bomb which is set for release on 21 April via Memphis Industries. In addition they have released the first track from the album ‘Burn Me Out’. Full of pulsating basslines and synths it is dancefloor fare but done the Baba Ali way. This is clubland, and the vocals and beats are lighter than in previous work which makes the news of a release of a new album even more enticing.

The album was mixed by Ross Orton (Arctic Monkey’s, Working Men’s Club, Yard Act) and its title is a phrase borrowed from a passage of the early 20th Century radical art manifesto BLAST! that Baba had encountered by chance on one sleepless night on tour:

“The moment I saw the phrase ‘Laugh Like A Bomb’, I was immediately struck by how accurate it described what I was feeling at a time when we were touring hard and constantly working to earn just enough to get by.”

“Personally I was going through a lot of feelings of uncertainty, and living in a foreign country intensified this sense of vulnerability. Despite this, there always felt a need to keep some sort of appearance of normality. Over time, though, there were moments where eventually the surface would crack and I’d lose control of myself or feel a need to escape by dipping more into a hedonistic existence. This record became a way for me to work through and document these emotions and triggering experiences, almost like therapy.”

For more information on Baba Ali please check out their facebook and twitter.

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