News: Black Water County release the second single from their forthcoming third album

Credit Georgia Penny

BLACK WATER COUNTY have shared their new single, CRUEL STATE OF MIND, the second chapter in a
series of singles over the summer and the autumn leading to the release of their third studio album,
The Only Life Worth Living, later in the year. Like its predecessor – the album’s title track – Cruel State
Of Mind is fast-paced and frenetic, at times thrillingly banjo-led, and always urgent and memorable, but
this time with a more tortured subplot, as the band explain:

“Cruel State Of Mind is our own familiar love song for the ages, full to the brim of agonised imagery –
‘like the deaf leading the blind’ and ‘full circle, like Sisyphus’ stone’ – and we wanted to hammer home
the feeling of thoughts going round and round your head with no respite. The song hits its climax with a
passionate U-turn – ‘Something’s got to give’ and ‘’I’ll leave it all behind unless it leads me back to you’
– ultimately ending up where we started in the hope of love’s return, but can we ever escape our own
vicious cycles?
“Despite the recent dystopian environment the human race has had to endure with the undoing of
habits and the re-writing of thought patterns, there are some things that will never NOT be tangled up
in the human experience. This exasperated love song serves us all: past, present and future.”

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