News: Gilska Shines On New Single ‘Don’t Need Your Love’

London-born, Sri Lankan-originating solo artist Gilska is back with a pulsing new single, ‘Don’t Need Your Love’. The track is a unique blend of tight electronic music and pop tendencies, creating an intense alternative-electronic-pop sonic experience.

From the very first notes, the track grabs your attention with its punching beats, bright soundscapes of modulated synths, layered arpeggiators and cutting vocal samples. Gilska’s silky, breathy lead vocals are ever infectious, creating a melodic central hook reinforced by the relatable, melancholic-yet-defiant lyricism. The result is a danceable, 80s influenced electronic soundscape that is impossible to resist.

Gilska’s journey as an artist began with classical training, but her niche has evolved into edgy pop anthems with soulful and hypnotic musical experiences. Her sophisticated lyrics and captivating vocals are front and center in ‘Don’t Need Your Love’. The track is a testament to Gilska’s artistry and her ability to create music that stands out in a crowded industry.

Overall, ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ is a standout single that showcases Gilska’s musical talents and unique style. The track is a must-listen for fans of alternative-electronic-pop music and anyone looking for something fresh and exciting in the genre. With her captivating vocals and edgy sound, Gilska is an artist to watch in the coming years.

Speaking about the meaning behind the single, Gilska explains: “This single is very literal. Realising the ugly truth about a situation that you thought would be great for you that turned out to be a complete manipulation and deceiving lie.

I think a lot of people look for closure when they still want situations to work out even when it means putting themselves in vulnerable positions and so I really want to shed light and empower people that can relate. It’s giving them a chance to feel gothic-sexy and bringing the energy of being reborn.”

Listen below:

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