Track: Healthy Junkies share ‘Last Day In LA’ from upcoming album

HEALTHY JUNKIES’ new album Forever On The Road is out on September 25th.

It’s a set of tunes that’s set to propel the band forward to the top of the pile: smashing down boundaries of genre in a way that only this group of anarchic artisans can, with a blend of horror movie soundscape, punk, grunge, reggae and something new that only Healthy Junkies can add!

“Last Day In LA” is a taster of what is to come, and can only be described as a “beautiful agony”: the pain that comes with hearing something so beyond the realms of pleasure threshold, but not quite being able to get enough.

The song it self harks back to their recent US tour and captures the strange magnetic pull of the city of angels, especially for this group of runaways from Paris and Greater London.  The pure rock ‘n’ roll that emanates from every pore of this track smashes your ear drums in a frenzy of excitement.

The album, Forever On The Road, was made during quarantine; is a reflection of recent tours and offers a compelling set of songs more akin to chapters of a thrilling novel rather than bubblegum, throwaway rock.

Lead singer Nina Courson shines throughout with her Parisian drawl inflecting the Junkies’ brand of rock n roll with tones of 60s’ femme fatales Nico and Brigitte Bardot.

No matter your musical taste, if rock ‘n’ roll is the core don’t hesitate to taste the wonderfully intoxicating moments that are Healthy Junkies.

Head over the the band’s Facebook for a full menu.

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