SEE: Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard: ‘Double Denim Hop’: a trash-glam cracker with its thumbs in its front pockets

OK, what you need to know about breaking Welsh quartet Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard is: they’re a lot of glam-trash fun, with a way with a solid, twelve gold bars boogie that sits right on your hips and sticks its thumbs in your johnny pockets.

They’ve shared the video for “Double Denim Hop”, a neon-framed infomercial in which the rockin’ geezers shows you the hottest of moves.

It’s the lead track from the Non-Stop EP,  the vinyl of which has already sold out, but which you can still pick up digitally here.

“‘Double Denim Hop is the first song that I wrote that made true sense to me,” lead singer and songwriter Tom Rees said in a recent interview. “Everything before that had been indie bullshit!

“I had travelled up to Scotland to see a friend in an attempt to recover from an existential crisis, post-university; I had been writing a lot of awful songs and decided to take a break.

“After donning some double denim and going to a very cold barbecue on the beach the idea for the song was formed. I even made an Instagram post with the main lyric in; I think that’s what actually gave me the idea for the song, how sickeningly post-modern is that?”

The ‘rona put paid to scheduled appearances at SXSW, supporting Noel Gallagher at the Royal Albert Hall and an April tour; so the band have been busy using lockdown to lay down tracks for their debut LP at home in Cardiff. 

The next question has to be: Levi or Wrangler?

Follow Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard at their website, and on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram.

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