News: Juicy Lemon Club Blend Melancholy With Funky Grooves On New EP ‘Sleepless’

Swiss indie-funk-pop quartet Juicy Lemon Club release the new EP ‘Sleepless’. A five-track EP that showcases the bands unique blend of funk, disco and melancholic indie-pop, The EP showcases the bands range of influences and unique sonic approach – vibrantly catchy and euphoric at points but at heart being built around and driven by emotional songwriting.

Recorded at Alterna Recording Studios in collaboration with Philippe Laffer and mastered at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, the EP moves between the pop melodies and infectious grooves of ’21. Night of May’ and ‘Rewind’ to the more reflective, downbeat tone of ‘Sleepless’ and the new lead single ‘Sincerely’.

“‘Sincerely’ is really about recognizing your self-worth in a relationship and the fact that someone else does not respect that. It’s about finally being able to say ‘no, you can’t treat me like this or I’m gonna leave'” shares Juicy Lemon Club on the inspiration behind the track.

Commenting on their artistic journey, Juicy Lemon Club emphasise the sincerity, ardor, and dedication evident in ‘Sleepless’, which serves as a testament to their continuous artistic development and growth. With each release, the band reaffirms their position as trailblazers in the indie music scene, captivating hearts and minds with their refreshing diversity and infectious energy.

Listen below:

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