News: Mental Cruelty release video for new singles “Zwielicht” and “Symphony of a Dying Star”. Also unveil new vocalist.

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Earlier this week, Mental Cruelty dropped a surprise teaser for fans, hinting at upcoming music plus the identity of their new vocalist. Now, the band are releasing two new tracks “Zwielicht” – “Symphony of a Dying Star” to coincide with their news today, revealing their singer: Lukas Nicolai of Sun Eater (formerly known as Impale). 

Mental Cruelty on the release ”The first song ‘Zwielicht’ (old German for twilight), which serves as the intro, is a poem written by Marvin (guitars) and it’s about the demon called depression that slowly creeps into your body to a point where it takes full control over your life. The poem comes from a very personal place and serves as a way of letting go and processing hard and dark stages of life in the past. Musically, the song is heavily inspired by classic Nordic folk songs and was recorded with ancient instruments that you wouldn’t quite expect in this kind of music. ‘Symphony Of A Dying Star’ serves as the continuation of ‘Zwielicht’ musically as well as lyrically. We accompany a wanderer on his journey through a winter landscape. All life around him seems to be trapped in hibernation and eternal ice while a surreal feeling of deafness creeps up on him. The winter itself serves as a metaphor for loneliness, the end of all things and the transience of life. At some point, all things start to fade away and it is the fate that will overtake us all once when standing on the threshold between life and death. The whole concept of this 2-track song is about letting things go and die to make place for a new start and a new beginning. We couldn’t quite play shows and work on new music as we wanted to the last two years due to the pandemic and having to find a new vocalist, so we wanted to make a cut and a new beginning”.

Armed with new vocalist Lukas, Mental Cruelty usher in a new epoch of unlight and grim determination that’s at the heart of their upcoming album – which will be announced soon. Mental Cruelty’s reign of darkness is just getting started…

Mental Cruelty online:

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