News: MORIS BLAK Unleashes Dark Techno Anthem ‘FERAL’ in Collaboration with Nyxx

In the shadowy realm of electronic music, MORIS BLAK, the enigmatic force spearheaded by Boston-based producer Brian “Blaknoise,” has resurfaced with a brand-new single, ‘FERAL.’ This audio and visual project, cloaked in mystery with its masked figurehead, is a pioneering force in the North American industrial bass genre.

‘FERAL’ is a collaboration with multi-disciplinary artist and performer Nyxx, marking a fierce return to the scene. The track, described as a dark techno powerhouse, showcases the versatility of both artists in vocals and lyrics. The digital and electronic production is adorned with sonic-encompassing elements, offering a dynamic blend of dance, dark club, and house music.

The genesis of ‘FERAL’ is a tale of collaboration and perseverance. MORIS BLAK, in conjunction with Static Starlight, meticulously crafted the track over several years, digitally and remotely. The missing piece fell into place when Nyxx, a vocal powerhouse, joined the project. The lyrics, raw and unhinged, draw from Nyxx’s personal challenges in the music industry, resulting in a powerful and evocative piece.

Reflecting on the track, MORIS BLAK and Nyxx share, “FERAL is about being pushed to your breaking point, twisting the knife and flipping the switch with sharp shrapnel-like percussion. It’s vengeful rave music and an anthem for everyone’s villain era.”

MORIS BLAK, a standout act in the electronic music landscape, continues to solidify his position through a fusion of innate creative prowess and sophisticated production techniques. The artist’s motivation is evident in the surgical precision of beat-driven electronic dance music that captivates audiences.

Debuting in 2019, MORIS BLAK is a dynamic project that seamlessly merges the aesthetics of techno, industrial, metal, and cyberpunk, giving birth to a new form of electronically charged dance music. Known for intense remixes, mind-bending live performances, and bass lines that send chills down spines, MORIS BLAK’s music is designed to make listeners let go of all control. The year 2022 marked MORIS BLAK’s first North American tour, a standout performance at SXSW, and appearances at numerous festivals. Following the release of the latest EP, ‘BURIAL + VIOD,’ on SHVDOW Records, MORIS BLAK embarked on a co-headline US national tour with labelmate Danny Blu.

Jacquelyn Dady, the rising goth pop star known by the stage name Nyxx, embodies the essence of Greek mythology with her crown of darkness, symbolizing power, strength, and femininity. After nearly five years since her last single, Nyxx is poised to reintroduce the music industry to the authenticity and consciousness of her goth-pop world through haunting lyrics and mesmerizing hooks.

As MORIS BLAK and Nyxx unleash ‘FERAL’ upon the electronic music scene, their collaboration stands as an anthem for those who have weathered the storm, embracing the untamed and unapologetic spirit of the villain era.

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