News: Remi Miles Releases Debut EP ‘Moonlight Lady’

Remi Miles releases the atmospheric and effortlessly infectious Debut EP “Moonlight Lady”.

Born in Nigeria and raised in the USA, Miles developed a deep appreciation for a wide range of genres, including rock ‘n’ roll, pop, soul, and Afrobeat. This diverse musical upbringing played a pivotal role in shaping his songwriting abilities from a young age, leading him to explore different lyrical ideas and melodies.

Miles’ musical journey took an exciting turn when he attended a music college and began collaborating with producers. Eventually, he found himself drawn to the bohemian aesthetic and vibrant live music scene in Brighton, UK, where he decided to play an active role.

“Moonlight Lady,” his latest EP, consists of four tracks that showcase Miles’ unique blend of influences. Inspired by noir movies, neo-noir, and synth-wave pop, the EP sets a mood that is both alluring and seductive. From start to finish, Miles invites listeners to immerse themselves in his intriguing musical world, compelling them to dance along to the mesmerizing tracks.

Despite the EP’s captivating ambiance, Miles’ songwriting remains thoughtful, catchy, and distinctive. Each track on “Moonlight Lady” is a testament to his ability to create melodies that groove with a shimmering, hypnotic quality. The fusion of soul, indie-electronic, and 80s synth-pop elements, combined with Miles’ sensual vocals, gives the EP a tantalizing neon-lights persuasion.

It’s worth noting that “Moonlight Lady” was written and produced remotely during the second summer of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Despite the challenges of working in isolation, Miles managed to deliver a body of work that captures the essence of excitement and passion.

In his own words, Miles describes “Moonlight Lady” as an EP that embodies the thrill and intensity of these emotions. With his characteristic style and unique sonic palette, he invites listeners to experience the electric energy that pulsates through each track.

As Remi Miles continues to carve out his path in the music industry, “Moonlight Lady” serves as a testament to his growth as an artist. With its captivating melodies, enchanting atmosphere, and captivating lyrics, the EP promises to leave a lasting impression on fans and newcomers alike. As listeners embark on this musical journey, they’ll be transported to a world where the allure of the night intertwines with Miles’ undeniable talent.

Listen below:

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