Premiere: Axelle von Dorpp releases short film ‘Level Up’, featuring the music of LEYKA


YOUNG French artist LEYKA has teamed up with filmmaker Axelle con Dorpp, who’s worked with the likes of Poni Hoax, Nicolas Ker, Neblu Oscillator and Jonathan Fitoussi to make a part-documentary, part-pop video featuring music from LEYKA’s newly released album, Level Up.

Set essentially as a documentary of a party that took place in between the two French lockdowns, there’s plenty of the art house about the film, with blurry shots, innuendo rather than story, and plenty of beautiful people, being expressive as the camera pans in and out.

What really is startling about the film is LEYKA’s frankly brilliant electronic music that binds it all together. There’s plenty of electronic soundscapes, icy melodic fragments and stripped back beats, all decorated at some point or another with shards of electronic noise and smatterings of pads and bleeps, as well as cleverly cut up snatches of (amongst other things) synths and saxophones; never directly pulling you to the dancefloor, but always filling your mind with pictures and sounds that make you think as much as they make you want to dance.

You must go over and get the album here, but in the meantime, go give yourself a break and watch the ten minutes or so of clever imagery and beautiful music, here:

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