Premiere: Buñuel – For the Cops

Photo credit: Kasia Robinson.

Having released one of the best noise rock albums of the year, ‘Killers Like Us’, along with a series of visually impressive videos for all the singles that have so far been released from it, Buñuel are hereby exclusively unveiling the next video to be taken from the album, ‘For the Cops’. Check it out below. Frontman and lyric-writer Eugene S Robinson explains that the real-life inspiration for the song came from his arrest “for a charge of which, to quote Nick Cave, I was almost nearly wholly innocent. Apparently, telling cops that your name is Abraham Lincoln is a crime in America. False Information to a Police Officer.

“But that’s not what was going on that day in the cell. That day in the cell, I imagined I was being set up to be raped by being given clothes with no zippers that worked to keep them on. I also thought I’d be able to keep my own clothes. Which is where and when they found the knife I had not managed to tell them I had. If you’ve never been approached by men with nightsticks who are intent on beating you into compliance while you’ve been naked in a jail cell, you have not lived.”

The animated video for the song was directed by Dimitris Armenakis, the creative mastermind behind the video for ‘Aykroyd’ that ZAHN released last year. Armenakis explains that when conceiving the video, he “tried to visualise Eugene’s experience as he described it in every bit and detail through our conversation. Emphasising his feelings and point of view, rather than just depicting the scenery, the grainy textures combined with the distorted guitar to bring in something unsettling.”

Robinson is highly complimentary about Armenakis’ creative input. He says: “It really helped to have a genius like Armenakis both soften the story by animating it and in some/lots of ways make it more nightmarish. If that was even possible.” If you haven’t done so already, check out Buñuel’s excellent previous video for ‘Roll Call’ here, and download ‘Killers Like Us’ here. The band are preparing to undertake a short tour of Europe next month. Dates are as follows.

October 13th – Amplifest, Porto, Portugal.

October 14th – Bronson, Ravenna, Italy.

October 15th – Spazio 211, Turin, Italy.

October 16th – Legend, Milan, Italy.

October 17th – Cane, Genoa, Italy.

October 18th – La Cave 12, Geneva, Switzerland.

October 19th – L’International, Paris, France.

October 20th – Belvedere, Namur, Belgium.

October 21st – Soulcrusher, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

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