PREMIERE: Chayse Porter invites us to ‘Chay’s Palace’ with weird and wonderful lead single ‘Purpling Dawn’

Chayse Porter

Also part of Human Beat and Seriously, the Alabama-based Chayse Porter has put in further work as a solo artist. He’s performed with a live band, which used to be an entirely separate thing from his solo work, but not anymore – the band name has duly been lifted for the title of his next album, which is a whole 5 months away. We know that’s a long wait, but the results are sure to be fascinating if its lead single is anything to go by.

Chay’s Palace is a full-blown concept album which arose from personal strife, tracing the arc of its creator’s last few years: When I’m going through something traumatic, I lean into this world of distorted whimsy. The ideas that come out are weird, playful, but dissonant at the same time.” That’s an accurate description of its melodic, eerie and compelling opening track ‘Purpling Dawn’, which makes for a hell of a trip when combined with its far-out music video, which we’re premiering on Backseat Mafia today; a digital/vintage digi-cam hybrid, it perfectly suits the song in that it’s not afraid to get strange.

Tune in below; Chay’s Palace arrives on Thursday March 3rd 2022 via Earth Libraries.

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