PREMIERE: Cosmo Gold invite you to the world of Krong with brilliant album taster ‘Wildflowers’

If you’re new to Los Angeles trio Cosmo Gold, then now is the perfect time to get on board with their diverse sound, because not only have the band shared a new single from their debut album (which we’re premiering below, no less), but they’ve also revealed all the juicy details about said debut album which is out in two months. Exciting stuff.

It’s a full-blown concept album, for starters: ‘an invitation to an alternate universe […] a place to find comfort in doubt as a virtue. It’s called, and takes place on, Krong, and new song ‘Wildflowers’ is as promising an offering as we’ve heard from the record yet. The seeds were sown during the uncertainty of summer 2020, with band leader Emily Gold elaborating: “Life slowed down dramatically and I spent a lot of time aimlessly walking around Highland Park, where the band was living at the time and just sitting outside, daydreaming. I was thriving internally, counter to what was happening in the world externally. I began to reflect on the fleeting nature of the seasons and how I hadn’t noticed all the wild flowers in our neighborhood in previous years because I had been too busy. It absolutely broke my heart. In what felt like a  “nature is healing” moment, a dove decided to lay its eggs right outside our window. The whole house watched for weeks on end all the way from the bird building its nest to the baby birds taking their first flight. It was something out of a storybook and I’m not sure we would have noticed it in our busy lives before. The song is about wanting to be present and patient in life.”

We’re unveiling ‘Wildflowers’ via the below Soundcloud link, and the band have also shared a lyric video which is just under that. Krong arrives on Friday November 11th and includes previous singles ‘Tuff Stuff’, ‘Let Go (Just A Little)’ and ‘Craigslist Miracle’, which you can catch up on over here.

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