Premiere: The Felicity Cripps Band peers ‘Inside A Keyhole’ and creates a transfixing, glittering world.

Feature Photograph: Allison Gibbs

We are honoured to premiere the new single ‘Inside A Keyhole’ from the Felicity Cripps Band: a gently floating ethereal bundle of joy that shimmers and sparkles under Cripps’s velvet vocals and the arpeggiated guitars and instrumentation.

There is a psychedelic blush to the track – the transfixing and hypnotic vocals have a Beach Boys harmonic shimmer that reaches an anthemic crescendo as the song ends. It’s a gorgeous slice of immersive dreamy pop that leaves you in a state of blissful euphoria. There are traces of Sharon Van Etten, a little sixties doo-wop, a hint of Joni Mitchell or Carol King and more contemporary dream pop queens like Hatchie or Alvvays, but ultimately there is something substantially quite unique.

Amongst the throes of raising her newborn daughter, a newfound lockdown-altered reality, and running arts institution and venue Theatre Royal Castlemaine, which she owns and operates with her husband, Cripps wrote ‘Inside A Keyhole’ to hold on to her sense of self. She says:

Where once I’d get caught up in my own head, now I could just enjoy the day. I realised that
once our attention on the noise subsides, there is so much magic around — it’s enough to
make you laugh! And it’s always there, we just miss it. I needed to write this song to remind
me of that feeling. Like a portal back into that place of contentment, where nothing matters, where we can just simply ‘be’

The enigmatic lyrics have a surreal psychedelic edge to them:

I’m the killer and I’m the killed
I’m the spiller and I’m the spilled
I’m the dust between the cracks
I’m the road that leads you back
I’m the tears you didn’t cry
I’m the stars that never shine
I’m the grass and I’m the trees
And I’m everything in between
The universe is inside a keyhole
The universe is inside a keyhole

It is a transportative and mesmerising single:

‘Inside a Keyhole’ is out independently on Wednesday, 20 March and you can pre-save it here and through the Bandcamp site.

FCB (Felicity Cripps Band) evolved following Cripps’’s move out of the city to Castlemaine on Dja Dja Wurrung country, her first foray into solo territory, following previous musical incantations and collaborations (HOY, Slow Galo, Houlette) across Naarm (Melbourne). Following the release of their debut album in 2017, Felicity has played locally and across the country with the full band and most recently as a duo, with friend and musical collaborator, Alex Scott-Douglas, sharing the stage with Models, Robert Forster, Rob Snarski, Lindy Morrison, and more, and appearing at the Townfolk Festival and Whole Loddon Love.

The Felicity Cripps Band is on tour supporting the legendary Don Walker this month – details and tickets below.

Thursday 21 March – Supporting Don Walker*
Caravan Club, Archies Creek Vic
Set Time 7:30pm

Friday 22 March – Supporting Don Walker*
Memo Music Hall, St Kilda Vic
Set Time 7:30pm

Saturday 23 March – Supporting Don Walker*
Brunswick Ballroom, Brunswick Vic
Set Time 7pm

Sunday 24 March – Supporting Don Walker*
Live At The Bundy, Bundalaguah Vic
Set Time 7:30pm

Feature Photograph: Allison Gibbs

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