Premiere: Versari release chilling, mysterious and enigmatic video for the epic track ‘Brûle’

Versari put on display their cool and arctic nature with the brilliant new video for the track ‘Brûle’, one which we are proud to premiere here on Backseat Mafia today. A clever remix of ‘Brûle’ was recently released in an EP of the same name, premiered by Backseat Mafia recently, and the original track comes off Versari’s epic album ‘Sous le peaux’.

The video, directed by Renaud de Foville, encompasses all the air of mystery and intrigue in the song: there is a chilling aura and a sense of detachment and frost in the atmosphere. This is, after all, a very sensuous band: draped in a gothic and dark mantle and imbued with sadness and melancholy. Of the video, Jean-Charles Versari explains in fascinating detail:

The video has been directed and edited by Renaud de Foville (who also directed “Des Images”), and produced by Gisèle Production (who helped him on “Des Images” as well).

The main character is played by a fantastic French performer, Jean-Luc Verna, who is also a contemporary artist.

This character welcomes the band in a weird curiosity cabinet and starts reading tarot to each member – the tarot cards have been designed by Jean-Luc Navette, a very talented french artist as well as tattoo artist (all of Jean-Charles’ tattoos are done by him).

The tarot reading turns into a weird ceremony where the tarot reader comes to haunt their soul, maybe killing them, or killing a part of them, it’s all open to interpretation. In context I would say he burns a part of them, and takes it to oblivion.

How it translated with the lyrics to me made some sort of sense: “Brûle” is a song about making the choice to let go of some things, painful or too sad, and how one can get carried away in the process by even burning their own name, their own identity, and how one can embrace the process.

The last line of the track goes “Let’s burn our horizon” as it feels by burning every memory or trying to get rid of every scar one can get absolutely lost to a point where they are burning their perspective, even their future.

That might be what this character represents.

‘Brûle’ is indeed a song that is deeply thoughtful and intelligent: dark, sonorous vocal lines that skate across the icy terrain of the music, and the video brings out the sense of theatricality and enigma: a beautiful marriage of sound and vision. A true artistic and visually arresting performance for an track that continues to make an impact.

The ‘Brûle’ EP is available now through Declared Goods. You can stream/download through all the usual outlests or get direct from the band below:

Feature photograph: Renaud de Foville

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