Premiere: Westberg reveal new EP ‘Boomer Studies’ – stream exclusively here

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Westberg, aka husband and wife duo Ariel Westberg and multi-platinum pop/electronic producer Scott Bruzenak, are gearing up for the release of their forthcoming EP, Boomer Studies, and we’re delighted to premiere it in full right here on Backseat Mafia.

Of the EP, the pair say “This is our mid-life crisis EP about being Gen X and reaching middle age.  We call it Boomer Studies because it feels a bit like being a newly minted baby boomer, and also because the boomers are already the best studied generation out there.  Whereas our previous work tends more towards folk, this time we explored heartland rock, americana, and country, as a more honest way of reflecting our experience.  We’re still Gen X, however, so we can’t hide the sarcasm.”

Known more for their softer folk/pop side, Westberg have instead gone full on country rock / Americana for most of the EP, with the bounding, blistering Living Proof a prime example as the pair make like Cheryl Crowe, with filthy guitar lines and huge chorus’. Elsewhere ‘Old Kid’ has that familiar ring about its melodies, always a good trait, while ‘Simple’ – with its Angus Young sounding opening riff giving way to these lovely harmonised tunes really stick with you.

The pair show they can change the tempo and bring the mood down with the beautifully introverted ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘Romantic’ able to hit you square in the feels, while closer ‘This Town Don’t Fuck Around’ leave you with a wry smile.

Best of all though is opener Anxiety, with echoey guitar lines and an instantly loveable melody at the forefront, as it lives up to its title – its smudging layered verses building to the relief of the chorus, led by these earworm guitar lines.

Check out the whole thing, here

Boomer Studies is out September 18th

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