Premiere: Wren Wilder reveals new song Egyptian Cotton; See accompanying video here

Photo Credit: Susan O’Brien

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Wren Wilder has returned with a new single Egyptian Cotton, out today, and we’re delighted to be able to premiere it and it’s accompanying video right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Of the track, Wren told us exclusively “Every time I sit down to write a track, I’m looking for answers. Answers to the little things and why we do them and why we need each other to survive. I hope that one day my songs will inspire others to do the same,” adding “I think the world needs vibrant and colorful music again. That’s the best thing about being a creator. You can bring light and happiness with you anywhere you go.”

The process was also an interesting one for Wren as well. She says of it “It was such a rewarding and enjoyable experience to have an all-female team on this song. I’m always happy to work with men, which I primarily do in the film industry, but there is something uniquely special about having a strong, badass crew of women who surround a project. I love them all so much and this process has been so fun. I am looking forward to releasing an unplugged version of this track with an all-female band soon!”

The track itself skirts around indie pop, with this sense of Americana that breezes through along with this heartbreaking melancholy that seems to exude from every beat, despite witty guitar lines and handclaps papering over the emotional cracks. If you don’t love it on first hearing, with its drop dead gorgeous chorus and all, there’s something very wrong with your ears and feels.

Check it, and its beautifully shot video, here

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