Say Psych: Album Premiere: Vuelveteloca – Sonora

Rating: 8/10

Chileans Vuelveteloca caused a stir with their electrifying performance at Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia two years ago, it therefore comes as no surprise that Fuzz Club Records have snapped up the release of their fifth album Sonora and here at BSM we are proud to present you with the premiere.

Having formed over a decade ago in Santiago, they have since been busy gathering notoriety amongst the ranks of fellow South American heavyweights Föllakzoid, White Manna and The Holydrug Couple. The project has had a number of personnel over the years but has always revolved around Tomas Olivos and Marcos De Iruarrizaga, the creative genius at the heart of the well oiled machine.

They open with ‘La Niebla’ a fuzzy, reverb drenched high octane number with a bouncing tempo and a style which has rightfully drawn comparisons to King Gizzard & the Wizard Lizard. ‘Alta Montana’ opens with a motorik drumming and empowered lyrics, which when executed at such a fast pace creates a breathless effect on the listener. ‘Ataque Masivo’ is a slight deviation from the route carved with its plucky guitar which progresses into a hazy soundscape, most commonly associated with the likes of Neu!. ‘Carnaval’s staccato opening moves into rolling melodica, channelling more than just a hint of early Pink Floyd.

‘L.A.’ is eerily reminiscent of fellow South American’s Hurricane Heart Attacks in all the right ways, with its edgy countenance and provocaive riffs. ‘El Lado Frio’ is a calmer entity overall but maintains the upbeat vibe and the almost chant like vocals really come into their own. ‘Tormento’ is back up to lofty heights once more, with the juxtaposition of a sharp guitar riff piercing through the throbbing bass line. ‘Chepical’ is a different beast all together, with a minor theme perforating through, creating a doom, stoner rock vibe which is different to its predecessors. Concluding with ‘Cientologia & Altiplano’, they bring the tempo down just a fraction, but the scuzzy guitar still prevails in all its glory whilst the drum beat carries the track through.

Sonora harnesses rhythmic, kinetic psychedelia blended with motorik doomy stoner rock to create a fast paced, high energy album which is sure to attract attention. The quality of the musicianship shines through and places them rightfully up there with the best there is on offer.



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