Boston’s Magic Shoppe are back with their third release in 18 months with their latest EP High Goodbye, released on 17th June on Portland based label Little Cloud Records.

They sprung to public prominence in February 2016 with Interstellar Car Crash EP and then debut LP Wonderland. Having garnered a reputation for their mesmerising live performances, the announcement that they will feature at this years Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia is very welcome.

Opening with title track ‘High Goodbye’, a reverb soaked shoegaze vibe emerges with a captivating guitar riff and delayed vocal harmonies swoon amongst swirling layers. ‘Lost In Space’ is aptly named as this is a track where you can be lost in the music created – whether by design or intention, who can say. A stunning guitar riff that has become characteristic of their sound draws focus whilst maintaining fuzzy melodies.

‘Her Ritual’ is the stand out track with its modulating frequencies, jangly tambourines, probing bass and catchy countenance. For anyone who doesn’t know who Magic Shoppe are or what they are about, this is the place to start. ‘My Mind’s Eye’ concludes the all too short offering; a noise opening leads to a track My Bloody Valentine would be proud to call their own, taking all the best bits of the psychedelic and shoegaze genres and creating a sound all of their own.

Magic Shoppe are somewhat more accessible than your standard psych band and that is reflected in this record. High Goodbye is a tantalising teaser of exciting things to come; long enough to ensnare but not nearly enough to sate the appetite. What will the next chapter be in the Magic Shoppe story? Only time will tell…

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