Say Psych: Track: Luke Spook – Small Town

Australian based Third Eye Stimuli are pleased to share the new single from Luke Spook, ‘Small Town’, the title track from his forthcoming debut LP set for release in October. His first EP Waking Up/Feeling Bad was released last July and Spook has been busy conjuring up a whole world of surreal folk tales, told through his unique style of song writing that has been attracting attention from far and wide.

‘Small Town’ showcases his undying love for the weird end of 60s psychedelia alongside his connection to Eastern influences. “It’s about the dynamics, rumours, secrets and folklore of small town everywhere. Each town is unique but I think you’ll find the same social politics universally. Most small towns have a strange and interesting history only known to the townspeople, whether these fables are true or not is up to you” explains Spook.

The track offers a carefree spirit of yesteryear with a sound instantly recognisable yet different at the same time. It’s a track that will appeal across the board and offers a tantalising glimpse of what is to come in the LP.

Pre-order the forthcoming album here

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