Say Psych: Track: The Oscillation – Drop

Following a recalibration and consolidation with their recent electronics-inflected album, 2018’s U.E.F., The Oscillation is back with their sixth and most ambitious album to date, Wasted Space, and to coincide with the release have issued forth hedonistic number ‘Drop’ as well as a string of live dates with label mates Lumerians.

“The origins of Wasted Space go back to Monographic in 2016,” muses Demian Castellanos – the mastermind behind The Oscillation. “That was a very bleak and heavy record and I really needed to move out of that mindset. Making U.E.F freed me up to write a coherent collection of narrative songs and compositions. Wasted Space is a partial continuation of a journey started with U.E.F., but one that re-incorporates more song-based ideas again.”

‘Drop’ is a hypnotic number, with lashings of reverb and more than just a passing kraut rock tendency. The variety of oscillating noises and assorted electronica keep it interesting to the end, this is the type of track that could easily end up on a film score.

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