See: Adjua releases new video for O.L.V.

Bristol based vocalist Adjua has recently released a single, ‘O.L.V.’, or One Little Voice and now there’s some accompanying visuals to go with it. Mixing up bass music with a blend of jungle, drum and bass and a little whiff of dubstep, she’s made something that’s rather lovely.

O.L.V is a push and pull between strength and struggle” Adjua explains. “The track and album is full of fighting spirit and O.L.V in particular talks about how one little voice can have a huge impact if we have the hope and courage to use it as best we can. For me the track is about tackling environmental issues but it can be relevant to any situation where strength, courage and hope is needed to get through something and make the right choices.”

Stripped of its momentum that a drum and bass underlay might’ve afforded it, instead it’s bass heavy and minimal, which makes it a laid back stroll, peppered with percussive beats and pads, which synths and breathy backing vocals breezing in and out around the chorus. Over the top Adjua’s vocal speaks with soulful authority, and its blessed with being incredibly catchy and atmospheric.

The accompanying video both stars Adjua (along with Amber Lavina), but is edited by her as well, and filmed by Dean Forrest. Check it out, here


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