See: Arca releases new video for ‘Time’

Venezuelan artist, singer, DJ, performer and composer Arca has returned with anew album KiCk i, out via XL Recordings on June 26th. She’s roped in stellar collaborators for the album including Björk, Rosalia, Shygirl and SOPHIE, But don’t expect an album that follows one path – “I don’t want to be tied to one genre,” Arca explains. “I don’t want to be labeled as one thing.”

Following on from recent single Nonbinary, Arca has released a second taste of the album in the shape of ‘Truth’, a song originally premiered in September 2019 at Arca’s Mutant;Faith, a four-part experimental performance cycle at the new NYC arts space The Shed

Time is this shimmering stream of electro pop, built on a simple synth figure, Arca allows her vocals, layered over eachother as they are, to bleed and run into eachother, the stabs of icy synths giving it a slightly unsettling effect.

Watch the video featuring Arca and, well, the devil seemingly enjoying a night out, here

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