San Francisco duo Billy & Dolly – aka Bill Rousseau and Dahlia Gallin Ramirez, both former member of Moog-centrics The Monolith, have announced their third album – Five Sons. From it, they’ve released the video for one of the albums tracks, ‘Bobby’.

The track is based on huge, howling synth lines, which hum and oscillate as the track unveils itself as a melodic slice of psych-synth (is that even a thing). The vocals bleed through the mix, delivering this story of love – unrequited maybe, avoiding, definitely. The video, set in a desert, features a shiny suited person / alien exploring the scenery, with passing reference to the songs lyrics as it pans out.

Check it out, here

Five Suns is out June 8 on Shit Krystal Records. Pre-order it on cassette or vinyl here.