See: Kyle Edward Connolly – ‘Get Me Tomorrow’: springtime country rock from Toronto

Kyle Edward Connolly, photographed by Colin Medley

TAKING that particularly Canadian spin on the sound, as espoused by Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, particularly as he moved through the ranks of Buffalo Springfield – that seems to be the mission of Kyle Edward Connolly, who’s previously plied his trade with artists such as WISH, THE SEAMS, and alongside masked country artist Orville Peck.

He’s got a new album out on February 26th via the excellently named Hand Drawn Dracula imprint, also home to THE SEAMS; and has dropped a video for the first single to peel off that album and into the universe, “Get Me Tomorrow”. You can watch that down below.

A cutely lo-fi video accompanies a track bright with springtime country rock, a little later-era Byrds in that easy honky-tonk; maybe even a little Felt, circa Me & A Monkey On The Moon.

Kyle says of this, his first solo single: “It’s a song about procrastination, putting things off until tomorrow and the feeling of being unsure.

“[It was] written in a Munich hotel room and recorded a week later in Berlin.” .

Kyle enlisted friends from TOPS, Darlene Shrugg, Milk Lines, and The Highest Order to join him in creating On Arrival, which he put the finishing touches to in the gaps in his touring schedule as bassist with Orville Peck.

“Get Me Tomorrow” is available now on all digital streaming platforms. The album, On Arrival, will be released digitally and on limited teal vinyl on February 26th; you can pre-order it now at Bandcamp.

Follow Kyle Edward Connolly at his website and on Instagram.  

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