After losing close friends to gun violence, Toronto singer / poet Mustafa sought solace in making music to make his way though. With his debut single ‘Stay Alive’ (a homage to those lost friends) he’s been proved that was a wise decision for us all.

Produced by Frank Dukes and James Blake, the 23 year old muslim has made a soulful, hopeful piece of folk-pop. His vocal is warm and soulful, with the backing underneath limited to acoustic guitar, harmonising vocals, and in truth very little else. It’s the sort of track thats going to adorn many a Spotify playlist (including ours) over the next few months, and quite rightly so.

The accompanying video shows emotive footage of Regent Park, Mustafa’s native neighborhood in downtown Toronto. The area is one of the first housing projects in North America and one of the biggest redevelopment projects on the continent.

Stay Alive is out now via Regent Park Songs