See: Slow Down Molasses share the 62-second rush of ‘Son Of Titanic’: don’t delay, get involved

Slow Down Molasses

·FOR THOSE of you out in the noise hinterlands who are yearning for the recently departed Yuck, wipe the tears from thine eye and don’t despair; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s Slow Down Molasses have got a short, sharp pick-me-up that’ll see you right.

With a new album, Minor Deaths, their first in five years, slated for an October release, they’ve come bustin’ out, guitars blazing, with a new track that barely busts the minute mark – short and fiery sweet, it’s called “Son Of Titanic” and you could cram in a fair few listens, should you and your AirPods weirdly find yourself somehow aboard that stricken liner.

The track signposts the grizzled and raucous post-punk direction to expect from Minor Deaths, drawing on a bubblegum-slacker-noise heritage that goes back through Sonic Youth to Gang Of Four.

The new blast of fun follows April’s “Street Haunting” which, at two minutes, is practically prog!

The band’s Tyson McShane says: “‘Son Of Titanic’ is equal parts a personal call out and a call for help. Lyrically the song dives into conflicting feelings at those points where you feel like you’ve lost perspective on yourself or ability to live up to your beliefs. 

“This was partially inspired by my typical feelings of self-doubt, but also equally by the amazing (and necessary) protests that have happened over the last couple years to re-examine the status quo and what is good and equitable.

“When coming from the privileged position all of us in this band tend to be in, it’s important to be questioning ourselves and if we are doing as much as we should to address inequality in society, even though that can be uncomfortable at times and leave a person in a discombobulated state.”

The tune comes complete with an animated video created by bassist Chris Morin, continuing the trajectory of DIY visuals produced for the eight songs of Minor Deaths.

Having previously shared a stage with Deerhoof, Animal Collective, Swervedriver and Built to Spill, Slow Down Molasses are once again gearing up to take their show on the road; expect to see performances coinciding with festivals across Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe throughout 2021 and 2022.

Slow Down Molasses’ Minor Deaths will be released on October 8th by Noyes Records for North America) and Divine Schism for the UK, and will be available digitally, on CD, on bone’blue on coloured vinyl for the States, and on tri-colour double mint, baby blue and aqua blue vinyl for the UK; take your pick, place your order right now over at Bandcamp.

Connect with Slow Down Molasses elsewhere on the web at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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