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Rock’n’roll has some great stories to accompany the people behind the music. Sundrones are about to add to that list with the tale of Joshua Moran who spent his childhood years as a troubled youth growing up in a children’s shelter. Where, he picked up a guitar and learned to play. Upon leaving the shelter he picked up a copy of “Play Guitar with The Ventures”. This lead to him seeking out the music of Del Shannon, Buddy Holly, and The Turtles. In high school he became captivated by post-punk and garage bands such as The Pixies and The Buzzcocks. Unsettled and somewhat disaffected with his New Jersey surroundings, he moved to Manhattan’s Lower East Side. From there, he would use his life experiences, musical influences and emotion to create a cocktail of songs about rebellion, longing and individualism. The result, Sundrones.

Fans of Suede will feel more than a slight tug on their collar as ‘Kill Me Baby’ struts along like a glam rock wonder kid leading a gang of punks across the new wave frontier. According to Moran “It’s about our willingness to put ourselves through unnecessary hardship just to feel close to someone, despite the endless indications that there are no real feelings involved on either side,”. That, and you gotta love a man in a fur coat…

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