French melodic death metal unit TEMNEIN have released a hialrious Doctor Who-inspired video – ‘Rise Of The Sontarans’, taken from their third full-length, Tales: Of Humanity And Greed, out 22nd May via Blood Blast.

The band commented: “The lyrical concept is about the Sontarans, a group of belligerent characters who looks like angry potatoes and appears on the TV program Doctor Who. Directed by Vincent Tournaud, this video includes many references to Dr Who’s universe and shows a close friend of the band trying to cook potatoes that looks weird…Because those are Sontarans! It’s the shortest song off the album but also the most dynamic and live-oriented, so it was the perfect fit for a video.”

‘Rise Of The Sontarans’ sees Tamnein in a less melodic frame of mind. The song sees a change in their sound with more focus on the heavier aspects however still present is the fancy guitar licks and solos that have won them many a fan over the years. From the drum intro heralding in the opening riff its as aggressive and heavy as expected.

Check it out, here

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Track listing:

1. The Storyteller
2. The Blind And The Greedy
3. The Knotted Bag
4. I Am Davy Jones
5. Rise Of The Sontarans
6. A Few Drops Of Blood
7. City Of Gold
8. Dirge For Termina
9. Yuki Onna
10. Scums Of Hamelin