How Are We To Fight The Blight? is the new album from Copenhagan based Post-Rockers The Shaking Sensations, out on October 4th on Pelagic Records. From it they’ve released a new video for the single ‘Sighting’, a follow up to their towering first single, Tremendous Efforts, and is a Mogwai-esque exploration of lush yet muscular, dreamy yet in your face instrumental music.

Layrers of guitar and synth sound bleed into eachother right from the off in Sightings, with it’s melancholy melodies pulling at your heartstrings, but there’s enough propulsion (they have two drummers for a start) to make it an exhilarating ride.

Check out the beautifully shot and directed video from Lasse Høgh, essentially taking the title and adapting it to the world of nature.