SEE: The three-colour, macroscopic delicacy of Loscil’s ‘Vespera’ announces a new set of textural electronic bliss for Kranky

Scott Morgan, aka Loscil, photographed by Ben Didier

SCOTT MORGAN, the textural, amniotic electronic artist responsible for such deep, pulsing and fathoms-deep works as the sublime Submers and Sketches From New Brighton, is releasing the tenth album of his Kranky career in May. It’s entitled Clara, it’s a meditation on light and shade and decay, and you can watch the three-colour macroscopic video for lead track “Vespera” herein.

From such seeds do mighty oaks grow: it transpires that the whole album takes common root in a single three-minute piece performed by a 22-piece string orchestra in Budapest. This recording was lathe-cut on to a 7″ and then, Scott says, “scratched and abused to add texture and colour,” from which the entirety of Clara was sampled, shape-shifted, and sculpted.

Such deliberate decay has played a part in many great electronic records of our times, from William Basinski to Jan Jelinek’s Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records, a glitchtronica wonder; and you just know that Loscil, the master of the glacial drift, dance music lamost wholly removed from its limb-shakin’ origins into a place of slowly flowing undercurrents and delight. One to look forward to next month.

Loscil’s Clara will be released by Kranky digitally, on CD and on 2xLP on May 28th; you can order your copy over at Bandcamp now.

Vespera from loscil on Vimeo.

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